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Insights: Interviews with CMO Award Winners!

Just Released - Insights: Interviews with CMO Award Winners If you could talk to 17 award-winning marketers, imagine all the insights you could gain. Well that’s exactly what we did, and these insights are now compiled for your reading pleasure. Admittedly it’s a lot to absorb, so feel free to zero in on the marketers or topics that are of urgent interest. Interviews Include: Stephanie Anderson, Time Warner Cable, on Leadership Jonathan Becher, SAP, on Innovation Chris Brull, Kawasaki, on Building a Lifestyle Brand Louise Camuto, Vince Camuto, on Fashion Marketing Phil Clement, Aon, on Content Marketing Beth Comstock, GE, on Read More...
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25 Marketing Executives Approved to Join The CMO Club in June - Welcome new Members

The CMO Club announced 25 Senior Marketing Executives Requested Membership in the Club in June and were Approved by the membership committee. Please welcome the new members to the club. The world's best CMO conversations will now include these 25 senior marketing executives. Read More...
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The Launch of The CMO Club Membership Ambassador Program

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Membership Ambassador Program for members, in support of each CMO Club Chapter! CMOs (two to three) in each chapter where nominated by their peers to support the peer sharing and help grow The Club, and will act as the face for new prospective members while at the same time be an advisory board at the chapter level for various initiatives (content, speakers, future membership approaches, etc.). We’re excited for their commitment, passion, and senior marketing executive expertise to carry on The Club’s peer-to-peer mission! To continue reading, click on the title of this news article to see the complete list of the 201 Read More...
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28 Senior Marketing Executives Approved to Join The CMO Club in May, 2014

The CMO Club shared new member approvals for May 2014 today. A great mix of Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare and High Tech CMOs. Check out those approved and welcome them to the club. Read More...
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CMO Club Member, Ted Lowen, New SVP – Brand and Communications for Hitachi USA

Congrats to Ted Lowen for his new position as SVP Brand and Communications for Hitachi USA. Read More...
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Watch CMOs in Action from CMO Club Innovation Summits - Best Of Highlights

Here are three recent CMO Club Summit recap videos showing CMOs in action, behind closed doors, with no vendor selling permitted. Short videos for all CMOs/VP Marketing to watch...... Read More...
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The CMO Club Announces Roundtables and Dinner in Cannes, June 17th - Exclusively for Senior Marketing Executives

The CMO Club, for the fourth year now, will be hosting to "CMOs/VP Marketing Only" Roundtables in Cannes, June 17th. Agenda: 3:30-4:30 PM - Senior Marketing Executives Only Roundtable "Delivering the New Customer Experience" at Sirocco Room at The Carlton Hotel At Cannes 3.14 Plage Restaurant 5:00 PM CMO Club Interviews and Roundtable with Jonathan Rigby, CMO at Manchester United and Phil Clement, CMO at Aon, led by Pete Krainik, CEO & Founder of the CMO Club 6:00 PM Welcome Beach Cocktails and Appetizers 6:45 PM MOFILM Awards 7:45 PM Dinner 8:30 PM MOFILM Grand Prize Award, Presented by Osca Read More...
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10 New CMO Jobs Shared in the "Members Only" Job Section at The CMO Club

With new CMO positions being shared with members and the club every day, we just added 10 new CMO opportunities, for members only. Take a look or share with other CMOs you know looking for their next gig. Read More...
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The CMO Club Announces Megan Burns Promoted to SVP Member and Partner Engagement

The CMO Club is pleased to announce the promotion of Megan Burns, to new SVP of Member and Partner Engagement. In Megan’s expanded role, she will be leading CMO member engagement programs globally including Dinners, Summits, CMO Club Houses and Roundtables at SXSW, Cannes, and CES, and the new Digital Community “Members Only” Platform, scheduled for roll out this summer, plus leading the operations team for The Club. Megan has contributed to the tripling of membership in the past 2 ½ years and we look forward to her leadership in the future global expansion and rollout of new programs to members. Read More...
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25 Senior Marketing Executives were Approved to Join The CMO Club in April

The CMO Club announced today 25 new members in April. 40% of the new members represent $ Billion Brands, with 52% from B2C and 48% from B2B Brands and business models. Please welcome them to the club and joining the world's best CMO conversations. Read More...
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