Membership in the CMO Club is exclusively open to CMOs or heads of marketing. It is not open to marketing executives from agencies or firms, marketing consulting or service companies that sell predominantly to marketers.

Club Overview

Membership in the club is exclusively for CMOs or heads of marketing with an interest in sharing ideas and helping build their peer network in a non-selling, non-self promoting environment. Heads of marketing from agencies, pr firms, marketing consultants and companies which sell predominately to marketers are not permitted in the club at this time. Members receive access to other members thru dinners, summits, and this site plus access to the club thought leadership library, vendor rating program and CMO coaches program.

Benefits and Services
Membership Benefits Include

Access to the CMO Club Members Only Community Includes: 

  • Over 800 Heads of Marketing in the Club 
  • Jobs, Forum, Blogs, and Special Interest Groups 
  • Vendor Rating Program 
  • Thought Leadership Library and Network for CMO-Worthy Content 
  • Members Curated CMO Blog 
  • Twitter @thecmoclub Feeds 

Exclusive Access to Peer Community: 

Search * Access * Share 

  • CMO Club Member Portal: secure; behind closed doors 
  • Find peers with specific industry, company, or marketing expertise; share and exchange your insights 

CMO Club Dinners & Summits 

Quarterly Dinners: 

  • Currently in 20+ cities in the US and London, Geneva, and Cannes. with new cities being added in 2014. 
  • Two Global CMO Innovation and Inspiration Summits per year 


  • Weekly 'CMO-Worthy' shows with CMOs, Global Thought Leaders, Artists, and Celebrities 
  • CMO 'Point of View' Video Interviews and Podcasts 
  • Summit Keynote Session Videos 

Jobs & Speaking/Interview Opportunities 

  • Access to CMO and other Marketing Jobs 
  • CMO Speaking and Interview Opportunities for Members 
  • Internship Opportunities 

Roundtables and Forum 

  • Special Interest Groups and Members On-Demand Roundtable Calls & Webcasts 
  • Monthly Forum Program 
  • Quarterly 'Members-Only' Summits to learn about new Market Vehicles, Platforms, and Media 

Members Only Research Reports 

  • Quarterly CMO-Worthy Benchmarking Studies 
  • Research Reports and Webcasts: CMOs and other experts share insights on research results 
  • Quarterly Members-Only Poll Results 
  • Bi-Weekly Members-Only Benchmarking Polls 

The Benefits Of The Club 

  • Programs for CMOs that help solve member-specific challenges 
  • Exclusivity and Interest: your peers share the same challenges, same mindset, and same capabilities 
  • Content for Conversation vs. Content for Presentation 
  • Engagement: most engaged CMO Community due to a year-round local and regional event and community digital platform 
  • Heads of Marketing Only 
  • World-class, life-changing experiences through relationships and sharing 


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Membership in the CMO Club is open only to CMOs or heads of marketing (within the last 4 months) and NOT for marketing executives from agencies or firms, marketing consulting/service companies with more than 50% of business selling to marketers. The CMO Club Team at 323-388-8204 or email

If you do not qualify for membership and are interested in partnership opportunities contact Pete Krainik at 908.342.1632

Members Only Includes

Members only section is available by a paid annual membership
  • Member search/Access
  • Member Blogs
  • CMO Jobs
  • CMO News/Research
  • Forums
  • Groups
  • CMO Videos
  • Vendor Ratings Programm
  • Dinner/Event Discounts

Member Quotes

"The CMO Club members are among the most consistently engaged, genuinely helpful,  and truly fun group of professionals I know. " Margaret Molloy

Margaret Molloy,Siegel+Gale

If you are looking for perspectives, learnings and recommendations from fellow CMOs on how they faced and addressed similar challenges to yourself, then this is the association for you. Practical and knowledgeable advice provided in a friendly, informal environment.

David Newberry,Market-in360

I'm a more effective CMO and leader thanks to the relationships and insights I have made from The CMO CLUB

Terri Funk Graham,Red Envelope

The CMO Club and dinners are great because there are no hidden agendas, other than to learn from each other and network, in an engaging, comfortable environment.

Kevin Garton,Context Asset Management

Some experiences like the CMO Summit are difficult to describe until you actually step into the moment. The October 2011 CMO Summit in Beverly Hills delivered on its promise of providing the best CMO conversations in the world. Thanks for including me in such a unique opportunity to re-energize my passion for Marketing

James Brown,Superior Energy Services