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B2B Advertising and PR Agencies, New Media, and Changing Business Models


Some B2B companies have recently complained that many PR and advertising agencies don't want to spend a lot of time running social media campaigns. It seems the business model doesn't allow for short-term, brisk projects, amplifying content written specifically for that campaign.

Indeed, many traditional PR and advertising agencies are used to a different model of managing their clients—long-term contracts, relationship-based, with some level of measurement and analytics and a fairly high-level definition of metrics and ROI. On top of everything else, their clients are asking for more information and with a deeper level of understanding of the outcomes and success rates.

Enter the world of social media marketing, where tools and metrics are many, and the understanding of the outcomes is still questionable. The B2B segment makes it even more complex, basing many assumptions on the successful content management and distribution strategy, or knowledge-sharing engagement.

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